Thursday, September 10, 2015

2015 NAPLAN Reports

From the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA)


Early delivery of 2015 NAPLAN Data Service and Student Reports

The VCAA is pleased to confirm that the 2015 NAPLAN Individual Student Reports were delivered to all schools in the week commencing Monday 17 August 2015. The NAPLAN Data Service was also officially made available to all schools and regional offices in the same week. This release represents an additional two-week reduction in the reporting timeline compared to last year and reflects the VCAA’s commitment to improved turnaround of NAPLAN reporting.

Student Reports

Deliveries of NAPLAN 2015 Reporting Packages began on Monday 17 August and included:
  • a covering letter
  • a confidential report for each student who participated in the NAPLAN 2015 tests for schools to distribute to parents/carers
  • Student Report information brochures for parents/carers
  • an instruction sheet with information on accessing NAPLAN writing test images.
As in previous years, student reports include information such as:
  • individual student results for all NAPLAN tests on the 10-band National Achievement Scale
  • an indicator for each assessment area showing the national average and the middle 60 per cent of national results
  • a written description for each assessment area identifying the types of skills assessed
  • a summary table describing the skills and understandings students are likely to demonstrate in each of the bands.
Parental interest in NAPLAN results remains high. Schools that have not yet forwarded student reports to parents/carers are asked to ensure that they have arrangements in place to do so shortly.

Access to students’ NAPLAN writing test images

In addition to the NAPLAN Data Service reports, this year Victorian schools have been provided with access to scanned images of their students’ NAPLAN writing test responses. The VCAA believes this will assist schools with interpretation of NAPLAN writing results and inform classroom teaching and learning programs. The writing test images are accessible via the NAPLAN Test Administration website, and will be available until Friday 18 September 2015 (end of Term 3).
Details about access to the website and instructions about how to download images have been sent to school principals with the NAPLAN reporting packages.
Please note that schools only have access to images of the writing tests of their own students, and that the images are made available strictly for internal school use.

NAPLAN Data Service

Access to the full suite of NAPLAN Data Service reports was made available to schools on Monday 17 August 2015. These reports include all school and state data, and some national data. As in previous years, national data relating to subgroups will be incorporated into the Data Service after the release by ACARA of the final NAPLAN Report later in the year.
Schools must use their own unique login and security password to access their results. Login details and 2015 passwords were issued to schools in August. If a password is lost, the principal should send an email to with the words ‘Password Request’ included in the subject line.
The 2015 Reporting Guide is available online, either via a link on the Report Parameters page of the Data Service (see the following screenshot), or from the NAPLAN webpage (under Publications):
screen capture from the NAPLAN Data service showing where to access the 2015 Reporting Guide

The NAPLAN Data Service for 2015 provides direct access to a series of online Data Tutorials which provide advice on how to effectively use NAPLAN data. The tutorials have been developed in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and are designed to assist teachers in interpreting and using their own data in the development of teaching and learning programs.
Access to these tutorials is available from the menu at the top of every report in the Data Service (see the following screenshot), or via the link that appears in the footer of each report.
screen capture from the NAPLAN Data service showing where to access tutorials

NAPLAN 2015 Data Service professional development workshops

As in previous years, a series of NAPLAN Data Service professional development workshops for principals, NAPLAN coordinators and teachers will be conducted throughout Term 4. These workshops are conducted free-of-charge at various locations around metropolitan and regional Victoria. Details of times and locations for these workshops, and information on how to register for them will be provided as soon as they have been finalised.

On Demand

2015 introductory On Demand Testing workshops

The VCAA will conduct introductory On Demand Testing workshops at the end of Term 3 and the beginning of Term 4. These workshops are for new or potential users. The three-hour workshops will include an overview of the On Demand Testing System and Computer Adaptive Tests, followed by hands-on sessions focusing on test setup processes and administration. Registration for the Term 3 sessions has now closed, however it’s still possible to book for one of the Term 4 sessions. The closing date is Friday 18 September 2015.
Term 4 session dates Session times
Wednesday 7 October 2015 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Wednesday 7 October 2015 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Thursday 8 October 2015 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Thursday 8 October 2015 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Friday 9 October 2015 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
Friday 9 October 2015 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
The sessions will be held at the VCAA Assessment Centre, 189 Urquhart Street, Coburg (free parking is available on site). Registration should be completed online. All training materials and light refreshments will be provided on the day. Note that all sessions are free, and subject to demand. There will be no provision for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses or for the funding of staff replacement.
Any queries should be directed to Liz Stojanova on (03) 9225 2326 or via email: