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Teachers and Parents of Years 3, 5, 7, 9

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2019 Kilbaha Catalogue

The 2019 Kilbaha Catalogue is now available for download.

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2019 NAPLAN Timetables

2019 NAPLAN Writing


NAPLAN Writing test information

In 2019, as in previous years, there will be two prompts for the NAPLAN Writing test: one for Years 3 and 5, and one for Years 7 and 9. The genre for the Writing test will be either narrative or persuasive, and the same genre for all year levels. The genre for the Writing test will not be disclosed before the test day and students will not be able to choose the genre for their response.
The Year 3 Writing test will be conducted using paper tests for all schools, including schools transitioning to NAPLAN Online in 2019.
Further information about the Writing test is available on the VCAA website.

NAPLAN Numeracy Tests

Information from ACARA

NAPLAN Years 7 and 9 Numeracy tests use of calculators

The Years 7 and 9 Numeracy tests will be split into two sections: Part A, which requires a calculator, and Part B, in which students are not permitted to use a calculator.
For the calculator-allowed section of the Numeracy test, students completing NAPLAN Online will have access to an onscreen calculator. Students completing NAPLAN paper testing will be allowed to use a physical calculator to complete Part A of the Numeracy test. Additionally, students with a disability who cannot access the NAPLAN Online calculator can continue to access their usual physical calculator.
Schools must ensure that Years 7 and 9 students have access to, and are familiar with, a suitable calculator for the NAPLAN 2019 Numeracy tests. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority has confirmed that multifunction or internet-accessible devices, such as tablets and iPads, are not permitted for NAPLAN 2019.
Detailed instructions on how to administer the Numeracy test session will be printed in the NAPLAN Test administration handbook for teachers.

NAPLAN Online transition

Information provided by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

This year, as part of the continuing transition to NAPLAN Online, approximately half of Victorian NAPLAN schools are expected to undertake NAPLAN Online tests in May.The rest of the Victorian NAPLAN schools are expected to transition to NAPLAN Online in 2020. Further information regarding school readiness activities will be provided later in the year for schools transitioning in 2020.For detailed information regarding NAPLAN Online, including test design and technical requirements, go to the NAP website.

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Kilbaha NAPLAN Catalogue for 2019

Download the 2019 Kilbaha NAPLAN Catalogue here.

NAPLAN 2019 test dates

Information provided by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
NAPLAN paper testing and NAPLAN online testing will take place from Tuesday 14 May to Thursday 16 May, and from Tuesday 14 May to Friday 24 May, respectively. Refer to the NAPLAN Test Timetable webpage for further details.
The tests must be administered in the order, on the dates and within the times specified in the NAPLAN 2019 Handbook for principals. Under no circumstances may a test be conducted before the official test date or time. Note that the test security period has been extended in line with the NAPLAN Online test window and all tests must remain secure until Friday 31 May.

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Kilbaha is now open for 2019

Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing is now open in preparation for the 2019 school year.

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