Friday, August 13, 2021

Access to NAPLAN test papers and answers

 NAPLAN test papers and answers from 2012 to 2016   

 NAPLAN test papers and answers from 2008 to 2011   

NAPLAN paper tests include multiple choice and constructed response item formats. Markers mark the items that are not multiple choice; these include spelling words, open-ended reading items and numeracy items that can be answered in different forms. Markers are trained to apply nationally agreed marking protocols and item-specific answer criteria.

A student’s raw score on a test (the number of questions answered correctly) is placed on a common scale so the results of different students can be compared. Score equivalence tables are used to convert these raw scores to NAPLAN scale scores.

For more information regarding NAPLAN results, visit the ‘Score equivalence tables’ page of the ‘Results and reports’ section on the NAP website.

ACARA does not provide access to the NAPLAN tests after 2016. These tests are used for a range of purposes, including ACARA’s research and development studies.

ACARA notes the decision of the Acting Information Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, in the Marty Ross decision in support of its position.