Sunday, February 22, 2015

NSW is getting ready for NAPLAN 2015

NAPLAN PAR - Information for NSW DEC and NSW CEC schools

NAPLAN tests will be conducted from Tuesday 12 - Thursday 14 May.  
The 2015 Handbook for Principals, which will be distributed to all schools by the end of February, contains two parts.
  • Part A - National Protocols for Test Administration
  • Part B - Jurisdictional information detailing the administration
A copy of the Handbook for Principals should be provided to all NAPLAN coordinators. The Handbook and other NAPLAN documents can be downloaded from the BOSTES website or the Participation and Registration (PAR) website.
Principals must complete the Statement of Compliance, acknowledging that they have read the Handbook for Principals and accept the terms of the NAPLAN Code of Conduct, before the PAR website can be accessed.
PAR will be live for all NSW DEC and NSW CEC schools from Thursday 26 February - Friday 6 March. During this period the principal, or their delegate, needs to:
  • check the details for the students listed in each cohort
  • check the roll class groupings and amend or delete, as required 
  • provide details for the NAPLAN school contacts 
  • check the school address and advise the NAPLAN team at BOSTES if it is incorrect.
Schools should confirm that student details in PAR are correct. This is to ensure that test books and student reports are printed with the correct student details.
Login details for the PAR website are in the letter which will accompany the Handbook for Principals.
For more information, contact:
(02) 9367 8382