Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the NAPLAN resources offered by Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing. We will edit and update this section as we become aware of other questions.

Q1. What is the difference between the NAPLAN trial tests and the detailed answers to the NAPLAN Tests?

A1. Each year Kilbaha produces new and original NAPLAN trial tests with detailed answers based on the current format of the May ACARA NAPLAN tests. Each year Kilbaha also produces detailed answers to May ACARA NAPLAN tests. These detailed answers do not include the questions because these questions are copyright ACARA.

Q2. How many different NAPLAN trial tests have been produced by Kilbaha?

A2. There are now five (5) complete sets of NAPLAN trial tests - 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 in Language, Numeracy, Reading and Writing for each of Years 3, 5, 7, 9. The total number of tests available is 5 x 18 = 90. All tests are supplied with detailed answers.

Q3. Are there any official ACARA NAPLAN tests available to the general public?

A3. There is a set of EXAMPLE NAPLAN tests published on the ACARA website. http://www.nap.edu.au/naplan/the-tests.html Answers are provided but no explanations are given. Kilbaha has detailed answers available to these EXAMPLE NAPLAN tests.

Q4. Where can I get copies of the 2012 May ACARA NAPLAN tests?

A4. You cannot get these tests because they have not been released by ACARA to the general public. Many schools have kept copies for internal use. If you think this is a ridiculous policy, please contact ACARA and complain.

Q5. What is the fastest way for me to get the Kilbaha NAPLAN resources?

A5. All Kilbaha trial tests and detailed answers can be downloaded from the website http://kilbaha.com.au

Q6. Is it necessary to prepare for the May NAPLAN tests?

A6. Would you play an important football match without training for it? Would you go to an important job interview without practising for it? Despite what ACARA says, NAPLAN is a test of content as well as skills. You must learn how to spell, write grammatically and punctuate correctly. You must learn how to manipulate numbers and do problems using mathematical concepts. The more you practise to read with understanding, the more competent a reader you will become. The more you practise persuasive writing, the better a writer you will become. This is not teaching to the test. This is learning the fundamental literacy and mathematical concepts that are critical to living in the 21st century.