Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Information for the school holidays and Easter

There has been a bug preventing customers from downloading the year 5, year 7 and year 9 April Special Offer. This has now been fixed. Thanks to our customers for alerting us to this fact.

Buy online and download immediately at http://bit.ly/dRWh8n

NAPLAN - School holidays and Easter

Some states have started their term 1 holidays and the Easter holiday break will soon be here.

Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing will continue to supply schools and parents with NAPLAN Trial Tests and Detailed Answers during this time. 

You have three ways of getting these Trial Tests and Answers:

Fax the order forms to 03 9817 4334. Schools must quote an official school order number. Individuals can quote their credit card details. Trial Tests and Answers will be supplied on CD-ROM.

If you need help, ring Bill on 03 9018 5376. If no answer, leave a message and I will ring you back. You can also email me on kilbaha@gmail.com