Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Famous People - Fred Hollows

Thanks to Fred Hollows well over a million people in this world, who would otherwise have been blind, can see. The world is a better place for his  having lived in it. He gave sight to the blind in far away places such as Nepal, Eritrea and Vietnam but it was his unselfish commitment to health and eye care among Australian Aborigines that first made us all sit up and take notice. He worked amongst them, with them and for them in urban Redfern and throughout the red dirt country of Australia. At the end of his life, he was buried  at Bourke, in that same red dirt that he had grown to love as a symbol  of Australia and its indigenous people. Fred Hollows has become a part of the Australian Dreaming. His spirit still exists in the Fred  Hollows Foundation which continues to do his work in Australia and in  many other countries of the world.

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