Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome back

Welcome back to all our readers. 
Hope you all had a relaxing Easter Break.
Our new Web Site is rapidly taking shape with more than 100 items now available.
All the NAPLAN Trial Tests and answers can now be purchased online.

For the attention of

  • NAPLAN Co-ordinator
  • Head of English
  • Head of History

18 new books about famous people from the past and present
Caroline Chisholm, Florence Nightingale, Fred Hollows, Joan of Arc, Vincent de Paul, William the Conqueror,Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Darwin, John Simpson Kirkpatrick, Sidney Kidman, Aung San Suu Kyi, Elizabeth Macarthur, Nelson Mandela, Catherine of Siena, Ho Chi Minh, John Curtin, Edmund Barton, Amy Johnson
  • 1800 NAPLAN style Reading and Language Questions with detailed answers

2010 NAPLAN Trial Exams available for immediate delivery.