Saturday, October 24, 2009

NAPLAN professional development workshops

Victorian Principals, NAPLAN coordinators and classroom teachers are invited to attend professional development workshops in Term 4 where the reports in the NAPLAN Data Service will be demonstrated and explained.

The workshops will be conducted during October, November and December and are free-of-charge to participants. A variety of morning, afternoon and evening sessions has been offered to maximise opportunities for participation and the workshops will focus on how classroom teachers can use their NAPLAN data to assist in planning their teaching and learning programs.

Information about dates and workshop venues is also available on the VCAA website. Call the NAPLAN Help Desk on 1800 648 637 for more information.

NAPLAN Practice Tests and Answers are available
from Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing:

(1) Detailed answers to the 2008 official sample NAPLAN questions.
(2) Detailed answers to the May 2008 NAPLAN tests.
(3) Detailed answers to the May 2009 NAPLAN tests.
(4) 2009 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
(5) 2010 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
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