Friday, October 16, 2009


QUESTION: How can teachers prepare students for the NAPLAN tests?

ANSWER:The best preparation schools can provide for students is teaching the curriculum as the NAPLAN tests reflect core elements of state and territory curricula. NAPLAN test practice involves students completing examples of previous tests or sample tests for the purpose of familiarising them with test instructions and common forms of questions. NAPLAN tests from 2008 and 2009 are available on the NAPLAN website preparation increases student understanding of what is being asked and provides strategies to focus on test content. Teachers routinely prepare students for testing including, as appropriate, practice on sample tests. Adequate preparation ensures that students feel comfortable in the NAPLAN testing environment and are able to confidently demonstrate what they know and can do.

NAPLAN Practice Tests and Answers are available
from Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing:

(1) Detailed answers to the 2008 official sample NAPLAN questions.
(2) Detailed answers to the May 2008 NAPLAN tests.
(3) Detailed answers to the May 2009 NAPLAN tests.
(4) 2009 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
(5) 2010 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
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