Wednesday, September 30, 2009


QUESTION: What are the advantages of NAPLAN tests?

ANSWER: NAPLAN tests provide rich data on student performance across the range of student achievement, not just at the minimum levels of literacy and numeracy achievement. The tests provide an accurate picture of how students are performing, as all students in each year level sit the same tests. Another important aspect of the NAPLAN test design is the single scale of achievement across ten bands from Years 3 to 9. Each band for each domain has a summary of skills assessed at each year level. The introduction of the ten achievement bands from Year 3 to Year 9 means that as a student advances through schooling, it is possible to see how much progress in literacy and numeracy he or she has made.

NAPLAN Practice Tests and Answers are available from Kilbaha Multimedia Publishing:
(1) Detailed answers to the 2008 official sample NAPLAN questions.
(2) Detailed answers to the May 2008 NAPLAN tests.
(3) Detailed answers to the May 2009 NAPLAN tests.
(4) 2009 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
(5) 2010 NAPLAN Trial Tests with detailed answers and responses.
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