Monday, November 24, 2008

Analysis of the May 2008 NAPLAN test questions

Teachers and parents will be interested in an analysis of the May 2008 NAPLAN questions.
We begin today with a look at the questions in the Year 9 Numeracy Calculator Allowed Test.

Question Analysis NAPLAN Numeracy Year 9 Calculator Allowed

Q1 Decimals – addition and subtraction
Q2 Algebra – simple substitution
Q3 Graphs – comparing points
Q4 Average (mean) - calculation
Q5 Fractions - midpoint
Q6 Nets – triangular prism
Q7 Line of symmetry
Q8 Algebra – substitution - fraction
Q9 Fraction to percentage
Q10 Points on a grid
Q11 Enlargement of an area
Q12 Algebraic rule from a table of values
Q13 Angles in a triangle – angles in a straight line
Q14 Percentage increase
Q15 Diameter – circumference
Q16 Square, equilateral triangle, regular pentagon - angles
Q17 Subtraction of overlapping areas
Q18 Substitution in an algebraic equation to find y given x
Q19 Interval between two times on the same day
Q20 Identify a right-angled isosceles triangle
Q21 Identifying the correct algebraic rule
Q22 Multiplication and subtraction of money amounts. Average
Q23 Large numbers in a pattern using a rule
Q24 Substitution in algebraic expression with a squared term
Q25 Ratio of sides in similar triangles
Q26 Directions – turning angles. Clockwise/Anticlockwise
Q27 Algebraic expression for an area
Q28 Calculation with ratio
Q29 Decimals – addition, subtraction, division – 2 places
Q30 Surface area of triangular prism
Q31 Substitution in an algebraic equation to find x given y
Q32 Mean, median, mode

Detailed answers to these questions are available here.
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